i make games in game maker 8.0 now (to download click on the image, it goes to a link to mediafire

Postal 5: Smell the Pain

Description: FIRST GAME!!!! Based on Postal 2 or something idk.
Homer Simpson's Killing Machine

Description: As Homer Simpson from the Hit Show from Fox "The Simpsons" you must kill flanders or someshit. Test game
Plants vs Zombies 5

Description: PVZ!!!! btw theres kintaro from mk
Untitled Game V
No Image
Description: Not a Game Maker game but a MUGEN one. Who cares, DOWNLOAD IT NAO
Plants vs Demons

Description: same as the other one but with hellish theme (d00m)
Family Guy: The Peter's Game

Description: Help Peter Griffin from "Family Guy" to escape the dungeon! (Also try finding the secret level!)