Rom Hax Review: Pussy City Pimps

When i was a kid, i was a fan of I-Mockery, idk why but maybe because of the Rom Hacks Review section.

In that section, several members of the website reviewed rom hacks, but not any rom hacks like the crap that is in RHDN but hacks that contains genitals, nazis, offensive stuff and other things (Like my humor lolz), but not all the rom hacks where like that, sometimes they reviewed stuff like Disco Mario 2, SMB2 Christmas Edition, a Tom Servo hack, Bald Mario 1-3, Mauntlet, a Matrix themed hack for Elevator Action, etc.

But another thing i liked about theses reviews are their creators behind them, one of theses is called Jomb, and today's first review will be a rom hack from him.

Well... There is our first change after some logo with the name of J0mb. As you can see, this is a River City Ransom rom hack with a ton of genitalia.

Damn, this is the best city of all time! Those fucking pimps are gonna paid!

Ok, seeing the title screen i'm looking some weird things. First of all, theres like an line on the 'U', Second of all, the 'M' looks like some guy showing his dick and ass in a photography and colored everything to red, and third of all, the 'S' looks like a Swastika. AWESOME.

Now i started to play and i see the school from the beginning is an Orgy HS, and that ALL the males are happy in this mod which is cool cuz everyone should be happy even though this world is fucking shit and all...

And yes, everyone is going to show his cock because the players and enemies has the same body. And also:

If you ever played RCR, theres parts of the game with stores. These stores contains Food and Books, which makes you more stronger. In this hack, every store is now Porno-esque. For example, Sushi is replaced with Prostitutes and gays

BTW, this counts as Cannibalism? Because i don't see any sexy ladies or something (asides the one from outside) and i think i'm eating the ladies

In the game, theres some weapons that you can use like Trashbags, Rocks, a dude you can grab because he's trying to get up from the floor cuz you punched so bad in the face, and other stuff. In this hack, theres this Magic Meat Stick.

Thats what it looks like, isn't even like a dildo or vibrator or something. I mean, look at it, What the fuck? What the fuck jomb? WTF? What the fucking fuck? What the Fucking Fucky Fuck?

Oh... Isn't a Magic Meat Stick, its an Ripped dick, What the Hell. Now I'm thinking it was ripped from Drew Pickles or some shit.

I don't want to play this thing anymore. But anyway, Good job Jomb, good jomb.

If you wanna play this rom hack, click this green thing and play in it in your favorite emulator.