Friday Night Funkin' killed NG  Bag, that was swell!

this is dead but swell! 



TITLE worst website

sites that doesn't have buttons

  • (the site where i watch and/or download episodes from cartoons)
  • Pomf2 (save files here)
  • Anonfiles (save files here, again) SITE DIED FOR VIRUSES 'N' SHIT
  • SWFChan (save SWF files here [WARNING, THERES PORN])
  • the only wiki i go
  • SomethingAwful (not the forum, the actual site,[i go for the Flash Tub only])
  • Cheat Engine (for hacking Plants vs. Zombies 1 and some flash games)
  • (page of some kids making funny flash animations full of dicks and blood)
  • Alegale! (this is the chilean equivalent of Homestar Runner)
  • cooper2723's site
  • La Familia del Barrio (one of my favorite shows from Comedy Central <3)
  • chview
  • Daily Games
  • ModDB >>> GameBanana
  • idgames/
  • ERMAC VS RAIN (rain is obviously SUPERIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!111)/