Like in most all videogames ever created, they have unlockables (not like now, you need to buy them to use/play them). One of thoses unlockables are Characters, which you need to do stuff to play with them; but something that nobody knows is that Drew Pickles, the gayest man in the universe, are in EVERY game that exist, and not only him; in some games he also appears with with his Buttbuddies! This is a page dedicated to that.
The games that Drew has appeared and how to unlock him is unknown but in YouTube theres like 400 videos about him in some games like Super Mario 64, Sonic Adventure and even in modern games like Doom Eternal or Super Smash Bros Ultimate!
Anyway heres a, probably uncomplete list, of the games that is confirmed that Drew Pickles is in.
NOTE: The list will be alphabetically.
ANOTHER NOTE: The name of the games are have also a link to the YouTube video (or VidLii in some cases) where how to unlock him.

Know another game that drew has appear? Sent me message on Discord with Pakman#5027 or some other shitty Social Media site that i have a account.