Ren & Stimpy's Fire Dogs

All we know Ren & Stimpy, right? You know, the batshit insane dog and the retarded cat, and the other characters like... Mr.Horse... Well who cares.

Ren & Stimpy got various Videogames created by various companies for various consoles, one of thoses consoles was Nintendo's Super Nintendo System made by Nintendo which got four games: two where plataformers, one was a beat em' up and the last one was a... puzzle game? I don't know what is but theres it! The game itself is based on the episode from the first season called "Fire Dogs" which is about Ren & Stimpy working with Firemen while them are dressed as dalmatians.

Will the game be good? We gonna see it right now!


The game starts with the generic "Licensed by Nintendo" and the Ren & Stimpy logo, then static and a boring-as-fuck copyright screen that nobody cares about,.

And then we have the title-screen! yey... Its just the Fire Dogs' titlecard from the original show but pixelated and the eyes on the bottom blinks.

Only has two options, PLAY and PASSWORD. And yes, no saving data.

Seeing this, I think that the levels will be called Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday? idk.

So, in this game you control Stimpy which needs to collect stuff for the fire truck. You know, the typical, Boots, Axes, Hats, a motherfucking beaver. But wait! theres a Fireman trying to kick the shit about you (except Ren because he is a background thing).

Well this is the perfect place to talk about the controllers.


The stuff that you need to collect are in different rooms that you need to use the ladder, but is hard to cliff the ladder because, for some reasons, Stimpy don't want to. What the fuck? Also, the dalmatian paint is always gone thanks to the rain on the rooms.

The game also has TIME which sucks because you can't do any faster with thoses shitty controls, bad traps and a big fireman who wants kick your ass.

Theres also a second level where you need to save stuff, but nobody wants to win a level in this.

The only good thing here is the music which is cool but not too awesome.


In conclusion, the game sucks and nobody needs to play it, even for torture. Even Fire Dogs 2 from Adult Party Cartoon is better than this.


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